Life with Herman H. Rott / Elu Herman H. Rott’iga


Herman is a rat who enjoys heavy drinking, loud grind music and chess. He doesn’t care much for cleaning and the disorder in his apartment only makes him feel more at home.

One day a very tidy cat who has a weakness for messy macho-men, decides to move in. She also brings a vacuum cleaner, a piano, and what’s worse – a collection of classical music records.



April 2015 Days of Croatian Film, Croatia

May 2015 Krakow Film Festival, Poland

June 2015 Animafest Zagreb, Croatia

June 2015 Annecy Int. Animation Festival, France

June 2015 Fest Anca, Slovakia

July 2015 Animator, Poland

July 2015 Anima Mundi, Brazil

July 2015 Countriside Animafest Cyprus, Cyprus

July 2015 Insomnia Festival, Russia

July 2015 Guanajuato Int. Film Festival, Mexico

July 2015 TAIS Animation Showcase, Canada

July 2015 Motovun Film Festival, Croatia

July 2015 Supertoon, Croatia

August 2015 Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo

September 2015 Fantoche, Switzerland

September 2015 Anima – Cordoba Int. Animation Festival, Argentina

September 2015 Animanima, Serbia

September 2015 Ottawa Int. Animation Festival, Canada (out of competition)

September 2015 Helsinki Int. Film Festival, Finland

September 2015 Belo Horizonte Int. Short Film Festival, Brazil

September 2015 Krok, Russia/Ukraine

September 2015 Riga Int. Short Film Festival 2ANNAS, Latvia

September 2015 Animasyros, Greece

September 2015 Calgary Int. Film Festival, Canada

October 2015 Animatou, Switzerland

October 2015 Anim’est – Bucharest Int. Animation Festival, Romania

October 2015 Balkananima, Serbia

October 2015 3D Wire, Spain

October 2015 LET’S CEE Film Festival, Austria

October 2015 SEDICICORTO Int. Film Festival Forli, Italy

October 2015 Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece

October 2015 Festival de Cine de Madrid, Spain (Parallel section)

October 2015 Int. Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada, Spain

October 2015 Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany

October 2015 AyIFF – Ayvalik International Film Festival, Turkey

October 2015 Banja Luka International Animation Festival, Bosnia

October 2015 ReAnimania, Armenia

October 2015 Big Cartoon Festival, Russia

November 2015 New Chitose Airport Festival, Japan

November 2015 Rio de Janeiro Int. Short Film Festival, Brazil

November 2015 Golden Panda Awards, China

November 2015 Leeds International Film Festival, UK

November 2015 St. Louis Film Festival, USA

November 2015 Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway

November 2015 Meters Fest, Russia

November 2015 Animated Dreams, Estonia

November 2015 Anilogue, Hungary

November 2015 European Film Festival (Cinessonne), France

November 2015 Manchester Animation Festival, UK

November 2015 Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Spain

November 2015 Tindirindis, Lithuania

November 2015 Etiuda & Anima, Poland

December 2015 Zubroffka Short Film Festival, Poland

December 2015 Animateka, Slovenia

January 2016 Göteborg Int. Film Festival, Sweden (not in competition)

January 2016 Piccolo Festival Animazione, Italy

February 2016 Anima, Belgium

March 2016 Glas Animation Festival, USA

March 2016 Monstra – Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal

March 2016 Mecal Int. Film Festival, Spain

March 2016 Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA

March 2016 Tricky Women, Austria

March 2016 HAFF – Holland Animation Festival, Holland

April 2016 Vilnius Film Festival, Lithuania

April 2016 Florida Film Festival, USA

April 2016 Filmfest Dresden, Germany

April 2016 Stuttgart Int. Animation Festival, Germany

May 2016 Golden Kuker, Bulgaria

June 2016 MIAF – Melbourne Int. Animation Festival, Australia

August 2016 Int. Animation Festival Hiroshima



2015 Best Animation – Days of Croatian Film, Croatia

2015 Best Croatian Animation – Animafest Zagreb, Croatia

2015 Audience Award – TAIS Animation Showcase, Canada

2015 Best Short Film – Motovun Film Festival, Croatia

2015 Special Mention – Let’s Cee Festival, Austria

2015 Special Mention – Anim’est, Romania

2015 Audience Award – Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece

2015 Special Mention – Banjaluka, Bosnia

2015 1st Prize in category “Winners” – Big Cartoon Festival, Russia

2015 Best Short – Golden Gunnar – Fredrikstadt Animation Festival, Norway

2015 Best Animation – Meters, Russia

2015 Audience Award + Special Mention – Etiuda & Anima, Poland

2015 Audience Award – Anilogue, Hungary

2015 Special Mention – Tindirindis, Lithuania

2016 Audience Award – Piccolo Festival Animazione, Italy

2016 Best Narrative Film – Glas Animation Festival, USA

2016 Audience Award – Mediterranean Film Festival Split, Croatia





Estonia / Croatia / Denmark

Director: Chintis Lundgren
Script: Chintis Lundgren, Draško Ivezić
Animation: Chintis Lundgren
Music: Various composers
Sound: Henrik Malmgren

Produced by:
Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio
Adriatic Animation

Supported by:
Estonian Film Institute
Estonian Cultural Endowment
Croatian Audiovisual Fund
City of Pula
City of Zagreb
Open Workshop